Our Mission

‘Critters Up Close’ is a mobile wildlife education company, established to encourage people from all walks of life to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most fascinating and misunderstood critters. We endeavor to provide educational, interactive and passionate presentations whilst promoting the conservation of animals and their natural environments. We provide the appropriate information, tools and experiences to help dispel fears, create tolerance and promote positive actions from now and into the future.

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What We Offer

Using a diverse range of native Australian wildlife , Critters Up Close offers an interactive, informative, educational experience with a strong emphasis on fun; all provided in a location that suits you. The experience provided by the team at Critters Up Close is sure to entertain, intrigue and inspire the future protection of native Australian wildlife and their environments. We offer a number of different options, but if you have something specific in mind, we can accommodate to suit your needs!



Our Experience and Qualifications

The team at Critters Up Close has a wealth of practical experience and the qualifications to match, enabling the most “Wildly Educational” experience on offer. Our staff members have extensive experience relating to captive animals; including keeping, rehabilitating and presenting to crowds of varied demographics and sizes, in a range of environments. We also hold formal qualifications in:

  • Captive animals
  • Zoology
  • Marine science
  • Advanced reptiles
  • Animal studies
  • Environmental management
  • Training and Assessment

We operate under a Regulation 16 licence (mobile exhibitor) issued by Department of Parks and Wildlife.



Presentation P’s

To ensure that we continue to grow and improve with the aim of becoming Perth’s leading mobile wildlife education company , Critters Up Close operates according to the Presentation P’s:

  • Professional
  • Punctual
  • Passionate
  • Personable
  • Philanthropic


We believe that if we are achieving all of the above to a high standard in conjunction with solid procedures and practices, then our customers will receive a high calibre, professional experience!

If you can afford to, please support our chosen not for profit organisations:

Ronald Mcdonald House

Kanyana Wildlife

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Safety & Environment – our number 1 priorities

At Critters Up Close, we pride ourselves in our commitment to safety and the environment . Ensuring that the audience, presenters and animals* have an enjoyable and safe experience; whilst minimising our environmental footprint are our number 1 priorities.

Extensive experience and formal qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety allows us to achieve this. Customers can also be presented with:

  • Public liability certificate (20 Million) PLI 17_18
  • Risk assessment (overarching company document) 
  • Job hazard analysis (for all aspects of mobile presenting and husbandry) Job hazard analysis form 005
  • First Aid qualifications
  • Working with children identification WWC Card Validation
  • Environmental management system

* Please note: whilst every effort is made to fulfill requests for specific critters at presentations, we have a strict policy that governs:

  • Forced rest periods for all animals between presentations
  • Animals exhibiting signs of sickness or stress shall be rested and receive appropriate treatment
  • Animals that are displaying abnormal behaviour/s shall be rested and receive appropriate treatment
  • Animals that are bearing young shall not be used for display purposes

We appreciate your understanding, ensuring the welfare of our critters is at the forefront all times.


So why choose us?

When you only do one thing, you get very good at it! Critters Up Close has a primary focus on mobile presentations. We do not operate as a static wildlife park or zoo and believe we are best of class. We can structure presentations to fulfill your needs and satisfy curriculum requirements, with staff that aim to please.

We look forward to providing you with the most “Wildly Educational” experience possible!


Michael Smith